Custom 101 Prints offers a number of unique apparel printing services you will not find anywhere else online. Our commitment to quality has driven us to find the best ways to decorate apparel no matter what type of design you would like printed. The team at Custom 101 Prints has the expertise to determine which print method is ideal for your design and ensure we use the best method to make your design look amazing on a shirt. For full-colour or photographic images we often use our Direct-to-Garment printing method or our Perma Press Vinyl method when printing on polyester garments. For larger orders and orders with solid colours, we often use Screen Printing. For any headwear and hat orders, we use embroidery as a the decoration method of choice. Whatever your design is, regardless of how many shirts your looking to order, Custom 101 Prints has you covered.


Screen Printing

Screen Printing is one of the earliest known methods of printing and it is still being used today to print a variety of items like apparel, signs, and even electronics. The process involves coating a mesh screen with waterproof emulsion and creating a stencil (an area of open mesh, not coated with emulsion). Ink is passed through the stencil (open mesh area), most often using a squeegee, and directly onto a substrate such as a t-shirt or any other type of garment.

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Embroidery is best suited for decorating high value apparel like hats, polo shirts, jackets, aprons, or thick fleece garments. The look of embroidery is perceived to be professional, clean, and durable, which makes a favourite for corporate apparel and uniforms. Custom 101 Prints is proud to be able to offer a first-class embroidery service to our customers.

Custom 101 Prints offers embroidery services to our clients upon request. We are one of NY's leading embroidery companies, so we are able to offer our clients high quality embroidery services at very competitive prices. From custom hats and polo’s to professional looking jackets and fleece, we can embroider on any product and add lasting value to your custom apparel.

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Direct to Garment

Direct to Garment Printing is one of the newest methods in existence for printing on apparel. This print method uses a specially formatted inkjet printer, which prints soft hand, water-based ink, directly into the fabric of a garment. Custom 101 Prints DTG printing uses CMYKWW ink, while most competitors only print in CMYK. In CMYKWW, the WW stands for White Ink. By adding in the WW, our DTG prints have brighter and bolder colors than our competitors. DTG is best suited for small volume orders for spot color images, photographic images, and full-color images.

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Graphic Design Services 


At Custom 101 Prints, we go to lengths to ensure your design will look the way you want it to when it's printed on a t-shirt. That's why, as a free service to our customers, our staff do the very best to fix pixelated artwork, adjust placement to ensuring artwork is centred, and remove background colours and boxes on uploaded images.

If your design is extremely pixelated or the colours chosen will be difficult to see when printed, our staff will notify you by email before we print your order.

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